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A virus has spread worldwide and you are the only member of your family who is immune... Fight through daily hordes of mutants to provide the necessary resources to save your family!

Wake up in the morning and leave the house with only one objective: gather as many resources as you can before the night comes! You don't want to know what happens at night...


Unity 3D

Design Patterns 




  • Light and heavy attacks
  • Combo light attacks
  • Stamina
  • Roll and shield mechanic
  • Procedurally spawned objects (enemies, food and drops)
  • AI Finite State Machines
  • Interaction system
  • Dialogue system
  • Inventory
  • Shop
  • Rounds-based system
  • Boss with 2 phases
  • Minimap
  • Heart health system
  • Enemy rupees drops
  • Time-Light interpolation system
  • Smooth camera
  • And more...


Joan Ginard - Programmer & Designer

Development log


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This game is so cool and unique. :)

Yes! ^^ I'm combining two of my favorite games (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild + Call of Duty Zombies) to make something special that has a unique combo: RPG + Survival! :D

That is so great to make something new or new type of the game. I really like your idea and you can add more enemies, weapons etc. :)